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Partner Classes are a HIT!

Have a friend or significant other at home that's interested in hitting some pads or learning some Jiu Jitsu? Our coaches are setting up our classes specifically for you!


Partner Boxing - 11am

Join us if you have a buddy at home to train with. All you need are gloves for the both of you, a pair of focus mitts is best or hop on a heavy bag at home and they'll serve as your partner for the day.


Partner Jiu Jitsu - 12pm

Hop into class if you have a friend at home (it's ok if they're new we're here to have fun) or if you have a grappling dummy (or equivalent). You can also hop in if you riding solo, we'll offer tips for how to make adjustments and still get some drilling in.

Thanks for joining us on Saturday for our #quarantinepartner classes. We look forward to continuing those into next week.

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