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Group Class

Beginner friendly!

Our community is modeled around the idea that both technical development and fitness goals can be achieved in one fast paced, but welcoming program. The primary keys to this are students that enjoy being challenged, knowledgeable instructors, and a facility that trains students in a manner that is both progressive and recognizes that different experience levels require different training methods. 

Check out one of our over 40 group classes today and see what our program can do for you! Classes range from 45-90 minutes long with a strong emphasis on developing beginners from the ground up.

kids program

Our Kids and Teens program was created with the idea that martial arts can provide an environment where a student is learning how to be a better, strong, more confident person AND learn how to safely defend themselves in practical situations. Every instructor teaching in our youth program is both a Muay Thai Champion and a specialist in delivering our rotating curriculum. Don’t wait, start your child’s martial arts journey today.

private training

Personal Training Sessions are the most effective way to build a specific curriculum tailored to your individual goals. Sessions can be used to focus on fitness, technical development, competition preparation, or just providing that personal feedback that will help speed your progress.

semi private &

small group training

Small Group Training with 2-4 students is a great way to get the personalized benefits of a private training session at an affordable rate. These are best when students have a specific goal in mind that can be developed over the course of 5-10 sessions.


Whether it’s drilling the fundamentals, helping to develop future coaches in another country or going over high level fight team concepts we can provide a curriculum based on your needs.  Seminars range in price based on the coach/fighter of your choosing as well as the material and length of time. We are best known for our “Fundamentals of Kickboxing” Series which is two days long and 8 hours each day including a 140 page manual; however we have provided countless seminars to a variety of audiences. Contact us today for a quote! 

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